About Hall's ToyBox

Justin Hall and Todd Beutler at Benson's Flea Market in Sioux Falls, SD
Justin Hall and Todd Beutler at Benson's Flea Market
in Sioux Falls, SD

We are a small group of friends who began working together in 2014 to build a used toy repair and resale business.  It is our hope that others will share in our sense of nostalgia for these classic toys and will want pass them down for the enjoyment of younger generations.  We are currently focusing on toys from the 80’s, with a sprinkling of newer items as we come across them.  We work on the figures, clean them (carefully), repair them and try to gather all the accessories to make it a complete action figure for a beginning or intermediate collector. 

About the Team

Justin Hall is the owner and the heart of the company.  He has been collecting for most of his life and for the last few years he has been buying up used or damaged action figures and restoring them in his free time.  If you have a question about the figures or the product lines, he’s the guy to ask. 

Todd Beutler is helping Justin by taking product pictures and uploading them onto the website.  He is also the “idea man” helping to keep us all inspired and ready to take on new opportunities for the business.

Michelle Beutler is helping with the website design, marketing and business planning processes. 

We’d also like to give a shout out to Danielle Hall and all the Hall kids for supporting us as we take on this huge project.

Happy Collecting!

Location & Shipping

Hall's ToyBox orders ship from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57110.  We do not have a retail storefront location that you can visit, just an online toy store.  Sometimes we can also be found wandering at the flea market or displaying toys for sale at the new annual Siouxpercon Comic Con here in Sioux Falls.  We are happy to ship anywhere in the United States via the USPS, and can arrange for local delivery if you are in the Sioux Falls area.  We do not currently ship internationally.

Do We Buy Toys?

If you are looking to sell action figures or other toys from the 1960's-2000's, we may be interested so please Contact Us.  To make a determination on the value of the items, you will need to provide us the items to inspect ourselves or have high quality images of them so we can evaluate their quality.  If needed, we can help you identify a set of toys and help determine their value for a small fee.  We will provide you a list of the items and their estimated value, then we may make an offer to purchase some or all of the items.  Requesting identification or review of items does not guarantee we will purchase them.