Hall's ToyBox Loyalty Rewards Program

As a big THANK YOU! for your purchasing toys and action figures from Hall's ToyBox, we are giving all registered customers on the site an automatic 5% payback in loyalty points that can be used as a discount on future orders.  

How to Earn Points & Discounts

Each time you place an order, we take the amount paid for the toys (not including shipping or tax) and give you 5% of the dollar amount back as a point, where 1 point = 1 cent.  So spend $40, get 200 points on your account. When you want to use the points towards a new order, go to the My Loyalty Points page in your profile and click the "Transform my points into a voucher" button to convert the 200 points to a $2.00 coupon you can use when checking out.  You don't have to use your points on every order, you can let them accrue from multiple purchases if you want.  

We only award points for purchases made through the website, not in person or on toy trades.  Also, for customers who have purchased before the program started, we have gone back and issued you points for those previous purchases.

My Loyalty Points

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.