About Us

About Us

Justin and Todd scour the local markets looking for used toys, action figures and accessories worthy of a second life. Justin gets them ready to take their rightful place in your hand-picked collection. Sure, some of the loose ones have fallen below the point of "collector quality", but they will happily adorn your cubical, man-cave, or kid's playroom without breaking the bank. They deserve to be played with, admired, and collected again.

Originally we focused on the 80's toys, since those are the toys we remember so nostalgically ourselves. But we have since branched out and cover toys from the 60's through current day releases. Most of our items are loose, but sometime we do have new-in-box ones that arise from back rooms, auctions and flea markets.

Then Todd takes the time to photograph them well and post them to our eBay store and social sites in hopes someone will be searching for them and give them a new place to call home.

New Beginnings

We have recently decided to simplify our website and just use the Hall's ToyBox eBay Store as our primary marketplace for selling used toys. If you are a past user of our previous website and are worried about your old loyalty points balance, please contact us for more information.

About the Team

Justin Hall is the owner and the heart of the company. He has been collecting for most of his life and for the last few years he has been buying up used or damaged action figures and restoring them in his free time. If you have a question about the figures or the product lines, he’s the guy to ask.

Todd Beutler is helping Justin by taking product pictures and uploading them onto the website. He is also the “idea man” helping to keep us all inspired and ready to take on new opportunities for the business.

Michelle Beutler is helping with the website design, marketing and business planning processes.

We’d also like to give a shout out to Danielle Hall and all the Hall kids for supporting us as we take on this huge project.

Happy Collecting!